Monday, March 30, 2009

WIP Status for UBBJ, SUBB2 & UBBJ2

Well it seems another patch (1.04) will be released for UBBJ, I thought I was done w/ it until somethings came up :(

Here's the current progress:

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban (1.04)

Some new fixes will include:

-Translation of MGNR mode controls (these were actually missed).

-Km/h to MPH speed conversion (using CB's lame fix), the current patches actually say MPH but they are really a little fast because it's Km/h.


CB never reprogrammed the speed display calculation for the pitchers, instead they lowered the pitcher's power, thus the pitchers are slower in the US version (lame).

As an example in the screen shots above taken in Standard Mode the Japanese version min speed is 100, whereas the US version is dropped down to 63. As with the total ammount of points to distribute the Japanese version has 210 and the US was cut to 131. Additionally the average pitcher SPD points in the Japanese version is 139 and in the US dropped down to 87.

NOT exactly the Km/h to MPH conversion is it?

Thus the US version is actually calulating the picthing display speed in Km/h but displaying it as MPH and in order to compensate they simply took a short cut and made the pitchers slower in the US version -thus I call it a "lame fix" and I did find the bytes and will add that to UBBJ not much else I can do.

-Few graphic and text fixes here and there.

Super Ultra Baseball 2 (WIP 0.233b)

97% complete, what's left?

Photobucket Photobucket
Lots of new options for batters! New MNGR mode w/ Team Personalties!

MPH is wrong :)

-Title screen (not sure who's drawing the English logo yet)

-Some text in Standings that's a technical roadblock (Ryusui's been pain stakenly helping me hack it)

-Some misc gfx text like w/ ultra plays and score board that requires decompression. Tauwasser has successfully decompressed ALL of the GFX for us, I am waiting on him to *hopefully* finish a recompressor so we can reinsert the modified date :)

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban 2 (WIP 0.50b)

As previously mentioned Tuffy da Bubba got about 85% done, we're progressing!


More control for picthers and a nice real player hack by Tuffy da Bubba!

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Play in Cartoon mode or Standard mode!

Special Thanks to:



Tuffy da Bubba

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