Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UBBJ ROM verified (!)

Today I got my UBBJ cart in (I got it from eBay for $3.00) and was able to do a new dump. I wanted to verify the known ROM dump as there is a video glitch during skipped games (you will see a black line between the 6 & 7 inn) and sometimes the video gets messed up at the end.

The good news is we can verify the known dump as Good(!) as my dump matched 1:1 and I am able to verify that ;) The only thing is the current dump is missing a header but that doesn't seem to be an issue or fix the video glicthes.

The video glitches do NOT occur on the real SNES hardware, these seem to be an emulator bug produced by both Snes9x and ZSNES.

Oh we found the "Sound Test" (I am sure you're thrilled about that eh?)

UBBJ SOUND TEST (may work w/ other UBB games)

On the title screen hold L+R and press start

Lots of changes w/ 1.04f (final - no more after this) so we'll release it soon.

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