Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban 1.04 Final + PDF Manual

Our final patch for UBBJ is finished:

V.104 Final - 04/01/09
-Fixed untranslated text from Manager Mode that was missed.
-Multiple text changes.
-Converted KM/h to MPH using CB's method.
-Added Stadium Sizes w/ converted Meters to FT.
-Corrected some minor GFX issues.

Patch 1.04 Final Download Link:

UBBJ PDF Instruction Manual:


  1. Hmm... the PDF of the Manual has a password on it. Was this given somewhere else or do we need to ask for it?

  2. You don't need a PW to view the manual (only edit it - which we don't want you to do).

    Make sure you're using the latest version of Adobe Reader:

  3. That would explain it. I dislike Adobe Reader (eats too much memory) and instead use Foxit Reader, which asks for a password just to open it. If I would need to get Adobe Reader just to open this one file, I guess I'll do without. Thanks for the explanation at least.

  4. If you configure Adobe Reader properly (disable all the auto updates and loaders - using msconfig startup) then it doesn't do anything until you use it.

    All Adobe apps eat up too much memory unless they are setup properly, of course when you use them that's another story.

    I'm finishing up work on SUBB2 and will do a text manual for that, the only reason I didn't for UBBJ was most of that PDF is just SBBS1k manual scanned + some of what was new in UBBJ. I prob shouldn't have used a PW protection except didn't want our work to go unntoice...ah well to late now :)

  5. Have an error to decriptografe this pdf, do you can upload again the pdf file?

  6. Is there any chance of getting the translation patch without the Km/H > MPH "fix"? Would prefer playing the game in its original state, with language I can understand.