Saturday, April 25, 2009

Super Ultra Baseball 2 Complete English Patch (1.00)

SUPER ULTRA BASEBALL 2 (SNES) - 100% Translated English Patch

SUBB2 has been 100% translated into English, you can download the patch below.

Super Ultra Baseball 2 V1.00 English Patch w/ Manual

You can always get our patches from: and

Culture Brain’s Ultra Baseball (Baseball Simulator in the US) series is a unique baseball statistical simulator. Players have the option to create their own Team, choose manager personalities, uniforms and stats. Additionally players have the unique option of using the Ultra League where players have higher stats and super Ultra powers!

Super Ultra Baseball 2 is the fourth game released in the Ultra Baseball Series. The first two games were released in the US under the titles of “Baseball Simulator 1,000”. Culture Brain planned to release this game as “Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 2” but later canceled the release.

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