Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Ultra Baseball 2 WIP 04/18/09

Super Ultra Baseball 2 - SNES - English Translation Status:

It's been a while since I gave any updates, been busy finishing up SUBB2. We're basically finished - the text is 100% translated into English. However we are currently working on some fixes and improvments to make sure everything is perfect! I don't want multiple updates like we did last time, so for this one you'll have to wait it out.

Addtionally I am working on a new complete game manual - doing it all by hand and this will be released along side the patch. I will also release a text version manual included w/ the patch - the PDF is an optional download.

Here's who helped make this project possible:

Ryusui ASM coding expert + support (Ryusui converted the KM/h into MPH for pitching speed amoungst other things!)

Tauwasser For creating our graphics compressor/decompressor (without him be no title screen hack and text would never be 100%)

Tuffy da Bubba: SUBB2 main translator :)

DarthNemesis: Addtional translations

Patch v1.00 - coming soon.

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