Thursday, December 24, 2009

Breath of Fire II Retranslation 1.1 Update Patch Wii VC Inject NTSC


Ryusui's Breath of Fire II SNES Retranslation has been updated for the Wii Console. This includes his latest Eng Patch (1.2b) and additionally the PCM fix which should correct the reported sound glitches found in the previous WAD release.

Since there has been some improvements in the Wii scene, we are able to offer a xdelta patch which only includes the modified data.

Proper WAD:
Breath of Fire II NTSC-U SNES PROPER.wad
CRC C74DE536

Just place the WAD in the dir and simply run the bat file, couldn't be any easier :) Enjoy!
Download: Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation Wii VC Patch v1.1 NTSC.rar

You need a modified Wii console to play this game. You can try using the Wii emulator but I cannot confirm that it can play this WAD at the current time, but you can download it from:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Super Ultra Baseball 2 Wii Virtual Console WAD Inject

Yes we did a full VC inject for UBBJ and SUBB2 for Wii Virtual Console.

Super Ultra Baseball 2 includes a full banner, save icon, name & manual hack! YES that's right we included the entire user's manual in the VC :) UBBJ only includes a banner, save icon and name hack.

Due to legal reasons we are unable to provide any links to the Wii VC WAD files, however I will will list the release names so if you want them you can search for them.



- Ryusui's BOF2 Retranslation we also did.

You do need a modified Wii console in order to play these WADs.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Super Ultra Baseball 2 Complete English Patch (1.00)

SUPER ULTRA BASEBALL 2 (SNES) - 100% Translated English Patch

SUBB2 has been 100% translated into English, you can download the patch below.

Super Ultra Baseball 2 V1.00 English Patch w/ Manual

You can always get our patches from: and

Culture Brain’s Ultra Baseball (Baseball Simulator in the US) series is a unique baseball statistical simulator. Players have the option to create their own Team, choose manager personalities, uniforms and stats. Additionally players have the unique option of using the Ultra League where players have higher stats and super Ultra powers!

Super Ultra Baseball 2 is the fourth game released in the Ultra Baseball Series. The first two games were released in the US under the titles of “Baseball Simulator 1,000”. Culture Brain planned to release this game as “Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 2” but later canceled the release.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Ultra Baseball 2 WIP 04/18/09

Super Ultra Baseball 2 - SNES - English Translation Status:

It's been a while since I gave any updates, been busy finishing up SUBB2. We're basically finished - the text is 100% translated into English. However we are currently working on some fixes and improvments to make sure everything is perfect! I don't want multiple updates like we did last time, so for this one you'll have to wait it out.

Addtionally I am working on a new complete game manual - doing it all by hand and this will be released along side the patch. I will also release a text version manual included w/ the patch - the PDF is an optional download.

Here's who helped make this project possible:

Ryusui ASM coding expert + support (Ryusui converted the KM/h into MPH for pitching speed amoungst other things!)

Tauwasser For creating our graphics compressor/decompressor (without him be no title screen hack and text would never be 100%)

Tuffy da Bubba: SUBB2 main translator :)

DarthNemesis: Addtional translations

Patch v1.00 - coming soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban 1.04 Final + PDF Manual

Our final patch for UBBJ is finished:

V.104 Final - 04/01/09
-Fixed untranslated text from Manager Mode that was missed.
-Multiple text changes.
-Converted KM/h to MPH using CB's method.
-Added Stadium Sizes w/ converted Meters to FT.
-Corrected some minor GFX issues.

Patch 1.04 Final Download Link:

UBBJ PDF Instruction Manual:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UBBJ ROM verified (!)

Today I got my UBBJ cart in (I got it from eBay for $3.00) and was able to do a new dump. I wanted to verify the known ROM dump as there is a video glitch during skipped games (you will see a black line between the 6 & 7 inn) and sometimes the video gets messed up at the end.

The good news is we can verify the known dump as Good(!) as my dump matched 1:1 and I am able to verify that ;) The only thing is the current dump is missing a header but that doesn't seem to be an issue or fix the video glicthes.

The video glitches do NOT occur on the real SNES hardware, these seem to be an emulator bug produced by both Snes9x and ZSNES.

Oh we found the "Sound Test" (I am sure you're thrilled about that eh?)

UBBJ SOUND TEST (may work w/ other UBB games)

On the title screen hold L+R and press start

Lots of changes w/ 1.04f (final - no more after this) so we'll release it soon.

Monday, March 30, 2009

WIP Status for UBBJ, SUBB2 & UBBJ2

Well it seems another patch (1.04) will be released for UBBJ, I thought I was done w/ it until somethings came up :(

Here's the current progress:

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban (1.04)

Some new fixes will include:

-Translation of MGNR mode controls (these were actually missed).

-Km/h to MPH speed conversion (using CB's lame fix), the current patches actually say MPH but they are really a little fast because it's Km/h.


CB never reprogrammed the speed display calculation for the pitchers, instead they lowered the pitcher's power, thus the pitchers are slower in the US version (lame).

As an example in the screen shots above taken in Standard Mode the Japanese version min speed is 100, whereas the US version is dropped down to 63. As with the total ammount of points to distribute the Japanese version has 210 and the US was cut to 131. Additionally the average pitcher SPD points in the Japanese version is 139 and in the US dropped down to 87.

NOT exactly the Km/h to MPH conversion is it?

Thus the US version is actually calulating the picthing display speed in Km/h but displaying it as MPH and in order to compensate they simply took a short cut and made the pitchers slower in the US version -thus I call it a "lame fix" and I did find the bytes and will add that to UBBJ not much else I can do.

-Few graphic and text fixes here and there.

Super Ultra Baseball 2 (WIP 0.233b)

97% complete, what's left?

Photobucket Photobucket
Lots of new options for batters! New MNGR mode w/ Team Personalties!

MPH is wrong :)

-Title screen (not sure who's drawing the English logo yet)

-Some text in Standings that's a technical roadblock (Ryusui's been pain stakenly helping me hack it)

-Some misc gfx text like w/ ultra plays and score board that requires decompression. Tauwasser has successfully decompressed ALL of the GFX for us, I am waiting on him to *hopefully* finish a recompressor so we can reinsert the modified date :)

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban 2 (WIP 0.50b)

As previously mentioned Tuffy da Bubba got about 85% done, we're progressing!


More control for picthers and a nice real player hack by Tuffy da Bubba!

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Play in Cartoon mode or Standard mode!

Special Thanks to:



Tuffy da Bubba