Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baseball Simulator (Ultra Baseball) SNES Translations

My 2 current Japanese to English projects are unique baseball games released for the SNES. Only the first two games were released in the US, under the titles of "Baseball Simulator" and the rest of the games never left Japan.

The Baseball Simulator (Ultra) games are unique as they allow players to fully edit and automate entire leagues, addtionally it's the optional "super power" Ultra League that gives players the unique ability to some very wacky baseball!

Ultra Baseball: released in 1989 for the NES as "Baseball Simulator 1,000".

Super Ultra Baseball: released in 1991 for the SNES as "Super Baseball Simulator 1,000".

Current VX Translation projects:

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban: released in 1992 for the SNES in Japan only. This is basically Super Ultra Baseball w/ real names (Jitsumeiban means Real Names Version). The graphics and sound are slightly better, and there is a new pennant option but this obviously uses the same engine.

Translation Notes: I am not localizing the game as the comercial versions did, and I am not translating the "real life" players names as it is to time consuming and it is safely assumed that any person of interest in Japanese Baseball would certainly be able to read Japanese and would not have any interest in my translation patch.

Super Ultra Baseball 2: released in 1994 for the SNES in Japan only. Culture Brain planned to release this title as "Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 2" but canceld shortly after. This game uses a new engine and sports more features.

Translation Notes: I just started this one a few days ago, I will try to get some screen shots for both titles up soon. So far progress is stable for both titles.

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